Beginning Weaves

A Beg. Weaves class will start in early fall of 2012 in Moorpark, CA

For baby dogs and dogs that have not started weaves. I teach with channel weaves and we work on speed.

Intermediate Weave Class

Ongoing every Tues. night in Moorpark, CA

This class we continue to close the weaves up. We are still working on speed and adding tons of handling skills along with the weaves.

Advanced Weave Class

Ongoing every Tues. night in Moorpark, CA

Do your weaves SUCK??????

This is the best class of all!!! Here the dogs know how to weave and we work on your dog mastering independent weaves!!!!

Every handling skill used going into or out of the weaves is worked on and we always work on speed.

Drop ins are always welcomed.

Skills Class

This new Skills Class will cover any and all skills and break them down with lots of repetition giving the handler and the dog a better opportunity to learn and master each skill. Running courses in a class is great but this class allows for more repetition of the harder skills needed for competition. Each week we will cover a different skill and work with the handler and dog until they become more proficient with that skill.

Skills will include serpentines, threadles, box work with front and rear crosses, sending, obstacle discrimination, turns off contacts just to name a few.

Advanced/Masters handlers preferred.

Train like you trial and trial like you train. It’s a great feeling when you are at a show and feel comfortable and confident with your skills to handle the course at the trial because you think to yourself, “This is easy! We do harder stuff at class!” Or “We just did this at class, I can do this!”

Private Sessions

I have a few times available for private lessons.
Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in private lessons